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2018 Summer School


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Admission Bulletin for 2018 Zhejiang Tide Chinese Culture & Language Summer School 

Admission Bulletin


1.      Time of the Program:

July 9th to July 27th, 2018. Three weeks long.

Registration Day: July 5th 2018

Class Placement Test: July 6th 2018 (July 7th & 8th weekend for settling down)

Program starts from July 9th 2018 Monday

2.      Eligibility:

Applicants must be above the age of 18, in good physical and psychological conditions.

Applicants of the age between 16 to 18 MUST have guardians who reside inside Zhejiang Province.

3.      Course Information:

Summer School to be held on Yuquan  Campus Zhejiang  University

Accommodation: Single room/Double room in International  College Building


Title of Modules


Chinese Language


36 class hours   (intensive course for elementary and inter-mediate learners)


Culture Lectures

9 lectures on 4   different topics


Culture Visits

6 visits around Hangzhou


Culture Trips

2 trips:

A 3-day   excursion out of Hangzhou but inside Zhejiang Province;

A 3-day   excursion out of Zhejiang    Province

4.      Deadline for Application (2nd round): June 10th 2018

5.      Fee:

11,800 RMB yuan including application fee, tuition fee, text materials, cost of trips and visits, on-campus accommodation (within the period between July 5th and July 27th 2018)

* Applicants are required to pay a 2,000 RMB yuan application fee (*non-refundable), which is included in the total amount

6. Application

Please send the following 4 documents as email attachment to: summerschool@zju.edu.cn

Documents necessary for Application:

1). Application Form for Admission to Zhejiang  University (Download)

2). A photocopy of passport

3). A digital passport photo

4). Remittance receipt of the application fee (RMB 2,000 yuan * non-refundable)

Please make clear scan copies of all the above-mentioned documents and send them to us at summerschool@zju.edu.cn as attachment

Bank Account Information:

Chinese Yuan / US Dollar Account

Beneficiary: Zhejiang University

Account No: 374065939298

Name of the Bank: Bank ofChina, ZHEDA SUB-BRANCH, HANGZHOU

Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ910

Bank Address: No. 28, Qiushi Road, Hangzhou

户名: 浙江大学国际教育学院

帐号: 374065939298


地址: 杭州求是路28