Long-term Non-degree Chinese Language and Culture Program Admission

    Spring Semester 2020

       Each semester, the International College organizes Chinese language classes at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Students are to be placed in classes that suit them best by taking a Chinese proficiency test. A class is usually composed of 15-25 students. The spring semester starts from late February to early July. The autumn semester starts from early September to late January. A semester usually consists of 18 weeks with 18 class hours of language courses per week. Electives are offered for students to choose one course according to the students interests and Chinese capacity. Upon completion of the language course, students who meet the assessment requirements will be issued with a certificate of completion from Zhejiang University.


    Applicants must be between the age of 18 and 65, in good physical and psychological conditions, and have graduated from high school.

    Application Duration

    From now to Jan.10, 2020

    Spring Semester Registration Dates:

    Feb. 21 or Feb.24 2020 

    Spring Semester Duration:

    Mar.2 to Jul.3,2020

    Documents Necessary for Application:

    1. Register and active an account in the online application system. (Link)

    2. Fill in the online application and upload the passport copy.

    3. Pay the application fee online or upload the remittance receipt of the application fee (RMB400). (Bank account)

      The applicants are supposed to submit all the documents through the online application system during the application period. Incomplete materials will not be processed.

       The application fee will not be refunded, whether the applicant is accepted or not.


       After receiving and examining the application materials, Zhejiang University will send the Admission Notice, JW202 form and other relevant documents to the applicants before Jan. 10th, 2020.


       The program will be taken place at Yuquan campus. Students are free to choose live on or off the campus. The single rooms in Chu Kochen Hall of International Education, the double rooms in dorm 16 and other dorms at Yuquan Campus are offered to the self-paid language program students. Detailed information, please refer to the accommodation. (Link)

       The dorm room reservation and preference could be chosen in the online application system. The preference of dorm type will be taken into consideration; however, due to the limited number of rooms of each type, we CANNOT guarantee the dorm rooms will be allocated exactly according to your preferences.

    Your understanding would be much appreciated.

    Teaching Schedule

    A. Major Language Courses:

    Elementary Level (Grade 1-3): Intensive Reading, Practical Conversation, Listening Comprehension, Extensive Reading, etc.

    Intermediate Level (Grade 4-5): Intensive Reading, Listening and Conversation, Practical Writing, Extensive Reading, etc.

    Advanced Level (Grade 6-7): Intensive Reading, Advanced Comprehensive Chinese, Practical Writing, Extensive Reading, etc.

    B. Elective Courses:

    1. Taiji    2. Gong-fu    3. Chinese Calligraphy     4. Traditional Chinese Painting     5. Survey of China  6.  Ancient Chinese Language        7. Study of Chinese Character          8.  Traditional Chinese Operas    9. Chinese Culture        10. Chinese  Literature         11. History of China       12. Chinese Economy

    NoteThe actual offering of elective courses and lecture series is subject to changes, varying from semester to semester.

    C. Fieldwork

    Program-related field trips, including visits, tours, interviews, sightseeing, are to be organized once or twice each semester for long-term students.


       Zhejiang University offers comprehensive insurance including accident injury medical treatment, hospitalization medical treatment, disability and loss of life for each student who studies more than one-half year at the university. Fee for the comprehensive insurance is included in the tuition. Relevant medical insurance items can be found at www.lxbx.net.

    Tuition and Other Fees

    A. Application Fee:  RMB400

    B. Learning Materials: actual costs

    C. Study Tuition: RMB9, 000/Semester

    Applicants need to pay the full amount of tuition during the registration time.


    Chinese Yuan / US Dollar Account

    Beneficiary: Zhejiang University

    Account No: 374065939298

    Name of the Bank: Bank of China, ZHEDA SUB-BRANCH, HANGZHOU

    Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ910

    Bank Address: No. 28, Qiushi Road, Hangzhou


    Tel: +86-571-87953089

    E-mail: admission3@zju.edu.cn

    Fax: +86-571-87951755

    Mailing Address

    Room 3504, International College Building, Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China