The Wonderful Carnival of the 2nd Student Festival Zhejiang University

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31 Dec, the 1st Wonderful Carnival of the 2nd Student Festival Zhejiang University opened in the square of International Students Building in Zijingang campus. Professor Xu Weimin, Vice dean of International College gave his opening speech, he was highly appreciated the students actively participate in school culture activity and wished the 1st Wonderful Carnival a great success. The first "Wonderful" Carnival included two parts, cultural and artistic performance and healthy outdoor games. The Chinese and foreign students gathered together, communicated a lot and felt the charm of different cultures.


South Korean girl dancing group BLOSSOM and 24 festive drum team from Malaysia brought an encouraging opening at the first. ORAZALYYEV NURYAGDY from Turkmenistan, Mass from Iraq, SONG MINYEONG from South Korea and HAIDUK VIKTORIIA from Ukraine as host made Chinese, English and Korean introduction during the carnival stage program. A group of cheering gym performance showed 1 minute sensational acrobatic feat; A.I.M Korea songs and Muay Thai were totally different but all got muster applause; BENGAL TIGERS is the Bangladesh postgraduate students who offered two songs passionately. The square of International Students Building was full of joy and happiness, dancing and singing from Indonesia, Yemen, Mongolia and India all brought a strong cross-culture atmosphere.


At the same time, the Wonderful Outdoor Games also attracted students to join. “Say Cheese” “The Hurdle Dash” “Shuttle Cock Toss” “Chinese Calligraphy” all the games made foreign student great fun and small wisdom. “Caterpillar Race” as the post popular game even attracted a lot of teachers. “Giant Slippers Run” and “Get the Throne” both were exciting games which needed perfect team work.


The 2nd Student Festival consisted of five chapters, covering 80 sub-activities. "Wonderful" Carnival was well-planned and organized by International College and a group of intelligent international students. International College always encourages students to design, creative and participate by themselves. The 1st Wonderful Carnival got a high evaluation with its special characters. SALOBEHAJ ROLAND from Albania as one of the masterminds of the carnival, he excitedly said: "I didn't expect so many Chinese students will like our games, so happy." WIN YEN and ELAINE from Malaysia, as the representative of volunteers, sincerely said, “we hope Wonderful can be a culture brand of international students !"


Author: Chen Nanfei      

Photographer: Wang Jian/ Yi Honghui /WIN YEN /KHOO JIN XUAN/ Wu Changshan/ Fatema/ Sara