International Students join the Joy Parade of the 2nd Student Festival Zhejiang University

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31 Dec, a group of international students, who are from more than 20 countries and in colorful and traditional clothes, together gather in Zijingang campus for the Joy Parade of the 2nd Student Festival Zhejiang University. There is a huge float heading in front of the parade and all the international procession turn into an attractive scenery line during the Joy Parade.

The Joy Parade of Student Festival includes five parts and the international students parade become the first float among the parades from more than 40 colleges. The vice dean, professor Xu Weimin stands in the first place and 5 students from Malaysia perform 24 festive drum on the float. An excellent Chinese kung fu performance is showed by a Romania student. When the float passes chairman platform, 21 students offer a fantastic dancing which combining Africa style、India element and European style. The international student parade is full of passion and vitality, great match the second Student Festival of Zhejiang University— healthy, happy, growth, and dream.

The Joy Parade of the 2nd Student Festival Zhejiang University starts from the beginning of November. International College encourages and organizes all teachers and students to join together for the festival. The international parade includes students from Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Mongolia, Ghana, Georgia, Romania, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria and so on. This festival fully shows the comprehensive international cultural characteristics in Zhejiang University.


Author: Chen Nanfei       Photographer:Wang Jian/ Yi Honghui