Set Sail from Here- Spring 2016 Zhejiang University Commencement

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 On March 30 2016, with mild sunshine and blossom flowers , Zhejiang University Spring 2016 Commencement was held at Stadium in Zijingang Campus.

    During the graduation ceremony, diploma were awarded to 20 international graduate students. 14 of them were awarded their degree certificate. Congratulations to the outstanding young scholars! They come from various countries, namely, Australia, Bangladeshi, Cambodia, Congo, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

    Graduates were wearing in their academic caps and gowns, walking across the stage, handshaking with distinguished deans, professors and scholars during the ceremony. With flowers and applause, degree certificate and diploma were conferred by the president to our graduate students. The photo-taking session was followed up afterwards. This ceremony will not be considered as the terminal of students' academic life. Instead, it will be a brand new beginning for those who would like to further their study, or devote their acquired knowledge to the development of their own countries.

    President Wu  Zhaohui delivered commencement address at the graduation ceremony, in which he highlighted the spirit of inheriting university tradition and bearing the University motto "seeking the truth, and pioneering new trails" in mind. President also encouraged students to seize chance and take risks, and become the forerunners in their own fields. He hoped Zhejiang University would always be a Utopia in students' mind, and would always serve as sweet home for future pioneers.

    We believe this day would become the truly memorable day for graduates, supporting family members and friends. 

                                            Yiyun Pan