MOFCOM Program Students Attending Culture Field Trip to Shandong Province

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The culture field trip to Shandong province from April 14th to 16th is organized to help the MOFCOM program students experience the Confucian culture, so as to enhance their understanding about traditional Chinese history and culture and enrich their life and study in China.

During this three-day culture trip, students observed the local social customs, and studied the culture of Mount Taishan, including the religions, the "Fengshan" ceremony, the architecture, inscription and calligraphy. Besides, they visited the Confucius Temple, the Kong Family Mansion and the Confucian Forest at Qufu, an important historical and cultural city in China, from where they experienced the traditional Confucian culture and spirit.

The students take it as an exciting and meaningful trip, which brings them closer to Chinese history and culture and hence holds fond memories for them.

(Zhu Yi)