Lecture on Chinese Tea and Tea Culture held Successfully

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The first activity of ITCCInternational Tea Culture Club was organized on held May 8, Ms. Chen Ping, associate Professor of the Department of Tea Science delivered a lecture on Chinese Tea and Tea Culture. The lecture attracted nearly 60 international students from more than 30 countries.Lu zhengzhong vice dean of the International College,Tu Youying, director of the department of tea science and associate professor Ye Jianhu attended the lecture.


The lecture was hosted by Lu. He said that ITCC was jointly set up by the International College and the Department of Tea Science. It aims to build a platform for tea lovers to communicate and learn Chinese tea, understand the worlds rich and colorful tea custom, enhance friendship and promote the integration of Chinese and foreign students.


Prof. Chen then talked about Chinese tea from the history of the rise of drinks in the world, to "Tea became a national drink, and Hangzhou is the city of tea". Tea is a name card of Hangzhou, and also a reflection of Chinese culture. It was like travelling all over China through learning the six categories of tea (green tea, black tea, yellow tea, dark tea, white tea, oolong tea) and tea production areas. 5000 year Chinese history was unfolded in front of students through learning the development history of tea.


In recent years, while expanding the population of international students, the International College attaches great importance to education quality, strengthens education on Chinese culture according to international students' interest, and endeavors