Experience China,Were in Tiantai

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The China Scholarship Council has hold the experience activities for China's cultural and social named as "Experience China" since 2015, which has obtained good effect.Foreign students can visit China's enterprises,rural areas,community and historical and cultural sites and so on, in order to deepen their understanding of China's national conditions and social development situation, improve their sense of honor of coming abroad to study in China.Today, "Experience China" has become a well-known brand of China's international communication, to introduce China to students,has became an important platform of understanding China, feeling china, experience China for international students.To expand the vision of culture field and the structure of the knowledge,enhance the humanities accomplishment,get perception and experience of China's long history and excellent traditional culture for international student in Zhejiang University ,in the morning of May 19, 2018, Zhejiang University, International students "Experience China" social practice and cultural experience base opening ceremony was held in Tiantai county.Mr.Tang Xiaowu,the vice dean of the International College,Zhejiang University,Ms.Zhu yi and Ms.Zhao Danli attended the activity.


Tiantai county,Zhejiang has a long history since the ancient times, it is renowned as The Origin of Buddhism and Taoism, Comely Landscape, has a profound cultural especially the Buddhism and Taoism culture, every year a large number of tourists from South Korea, Japan and other places come here for traveling.Tiantai county with its beautiful scenery, had gathered a lot of literati,Xu Xiakes first diary was just about Tiantai, Li Bai,Wang Wei, Meng Haoran, and Bai Juyi more than 400 poets had been Tianta and wrote many famous poems about here.In 2018, Tiantai county, also attend the activity of building the poet road in tang dynasty at the east of Zhejiang province,use "Read Xu Xiakes travel notes, Walk the road of tang poetry" as the theme, in order to deep the culture connotation of"Chinas tourism day,to highlight the" Internationalization "of activity, " the Marketization "of tour line, to show the tourism product the road of tang poetry to domestic and overseas tourists , to expand the overseas influence of Tiantais travel, booster Xu Xiakes travel line,to support the poet road in tang dynasty at the east of zhejiang province in striving for applying the World Heritage,to set the base for the national studies in Tiantai,to build international leisure tourism destination and the construction of county city.

On this background, the International College,Zhejiang University and Tiantai county,signed"The Cooperation Framework Agreement for the International College,Zhejiang University and Tiantai County Tourism Development Committee"Tiantai county has became an official base for international students in Zhejiang University,which will provide a new opportunities for foreign students to perceive Chinese ancient civilization and infiltrate the beautiful landscape of China besides learning in the classroom .

The opening ceremony was one of the important contents of "Read Xu Xiakes Travel Notes, Walk the Road of Tang Poetry" in 2018,"Chinas Tourism Day,Travel in Tiantai", hosted by Mr.Pan Junming,magistrate of Tiantai County People's Government,Mr.GuanWenXin,the party secretary of Tiantai County gave the welcome speech,Mr.RuiHong,deputy mayor of Taizhou Municipal Committee, has delivered an important speech in the square of the tourists center in Tiantai.Thousands of visitors, students and volunteers gathered in front of Xu Xiake, read the" Xu Xiake travel notes "the first tour diary was the excerpts in tiantai, including guests from South Korea.

In the witness of all, Mr.Tang Xiaowu pass the brand of the Zhejiang University, International Students "Experience China" Social Practice and Cultural Experience Base to Mr.Jiang Chaoyong,the deputy director of the Tourism Development Committee of  Tiantai County.This cooperation can not only provide the new "Experience China" social practice base for international students, will also be a plat for international students to have a further understanding of the Chinese culture, to experience Chinese culture, to appreciate the Chinese style, to listen to the story in China, to open up new situation,and to create a new chapter for the international communication in our university.


This is the second time in this month for the International College to set the practice base for international students. In the morning of May 17,Mr.Lu  Zhengzhong the vice dean of the International College,Zhejiang University also attend the "Zhejiang University International Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Base" opening ceremony in Hangzhou International Talent Innovation Park of Zijin zhongchuang Town , Zhejiang University. The purpose of setting this base is help to enable students to do entrepreneurial internships and learn the experience of innovation and entrepreneurship in china.On June 1, the International College will also set teaching practice base in Local Chronicles MuseumFang Zhi Pavilion in Hangzhou,international students will have a better idea of the meaning of "paradise on earth" and splendid culture of Hangzhou city, also will provide a new way to explore the beautiful scenery and historical mysteries of Hangzhous flourishing since ancient times for international students.Now,the International College of Zhejiang University has preliminarily completed the construction of the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base", the"Experience China Base" and the "Teaching Practice Base".