ITCC Held Activities for Dragon Boat Festival

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Some members from 8 different countries of the International Tea Culture Club of Zhejiang University attended the activities for Dragon Boat Festival C Tour to the China National Tea  Museum and Festival Tea Celebration on June 17.


China National Tea Museum is the only national museum specializing in tea and tea culture in China. It is located in Hangzhou, on the west part of West Lake.

The museum is divided into three exhibition halls; the World Tea Exhibition Hall, the Hall of Tea Industry Branding and the Longjing Tea Exhibition hall. There are small pavilions outside the exhibition halls in order for tourists to enjoy the green and tea.


World Tea Exhibition Hall exhibits how is tea becoming worldwide spread from China and the different tea cultures all around the world. Hall of Tea Industry Branding exhibits brands and the origins of most of the famous Chinese teas in history. It was telling the whole story of the development of Chinese tea brands, which reveals the achievements China has made in Tea industry. Longjing Tea Exhibition Hall tells the history of Longjing Tea.


When visiting the World Tea exhibition hall, many members could see an introduction of the tea culture in their own country and they would introduce the tea culture of their own country to others passionately. The collision between different cultures and customs has deepened the members' understanding of the world tea culture.


After museum tour, ITCC held the Dragon Boat Festival Tea Celebration in Qiushi Tea Garden. We distributed the colorful rope and the fragrant bag to everyone. The colorful rope was considered to have the function of exorcising evil spirits and welcoming good luck. Wearing fragrant bag has the meaning of exorcising evil spirits. We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt wishes for the recipient of "no disease, no disaster, with happiness and good health".


Members of the club bring their own special tea, and refreshments to share with all of us. Among these were West Lake Longjing tea described as "green and fragrant, flat and straight", Mongolian milk tea which is "fresh and salty with acid and cheese", Tanyanggongfu, which is "strong and fresh with longan flavor", and JinJunmei tea which is "soup with golden color and sweetness at the entrance".


At the tea party, the members were happy to talk. Tea drinks with distinctive flavors added to the interest. They were amazed by Zongzi, a traditional Chinese food, and expressed satisfaction with the atmosphere of the tea party. They also expressed the hope that the next event arrives soon. ITCC of ZJU will also devote itself to the exchange and communication among the members of the club, and work tirelessly for cultural harmony and mutual trust.




(the International Tea Culture Club of Zhejiang University)