Mid-Autumn Tea Celebration

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    The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 15th August of the lunar calendar inChina. In ancient times, Chinese people worshiped the moon, ate moon cakes and enjoyed beautiful lanterns. It is a traditional festival for all family members especially for the people away from their hometown.



    On 24th September, ITCC of Zhejiang University held a tea celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival this year. International students from different countries got together to celebrate the Chinese traditional festival. Deputy dean of the International College of Zhejiang University Zhengzhong Lu, and Wen Ye, Huiling Shi from Student Affairs Office also took part in the celebration.



    At this meaningful night, all the participants enjoyed different tea and stories. They shared stories from their own countries about the moon and also made the Mid-Autumn lanterns together. Everyone in this celebration got so much knowledge of tea customs from different countries.


    At the end of the activity, everyone took photos with their works and new friends. Tea is just like a bridge which makes the communication between different cultures more harmonious and smooth. The coexistence and mutual learning between different cultures will bring us more wonderful products.