International Students of Zhejiang University Show Cheongsam to the World

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    On September 26th, the "2018 Hangzhou Global Cheongsam Day" home event kicked off at the West Lake Long Bridge. 49 international students from Zhejiang University wore designer cheongsams and exhibited youthfulness in the natural show of West Lake.



    Prior to this, the students had participated in the cheongsam training camp, learned the history, culture, and dressing etiquette of the cheongsam, and also personally experienced the weaving and tie-dying of silk. For everyone, the charm of this costume was not only kept in the cognition of a beautiful dress.


    Therefore, we could see that these girls of different skin colors and cultural backgrounds, with their understanding of cheongsam and love of Chinese culture, showed different styles of cheongsam - some as gentle as the wind of the West Lake, some as clear as the water of the West Lake, and some were so warm like the green trees and red flowers, some were so bright as the blue sky. They took the silk fan and the paper umbrella. They were confident and enthusiastic. They walked on the bluestone bridge then walked into the painting of the West Lake. This painting mixed with the refreshing ink and the bright colors of the oil paint, what was really a masterpiece of the fusion of Chinese and Western.


    For students, this event is not only a chance to learn Chinese culture, but also a stage to show their charm to the world. It is also to let them immerse themselves in this painting and touch the cultural temperament beyond the painting. Some students felt that they had become fans of cheongsam early, and they had a dozen cheongsams, but they only thought that the clothes were beautiful before, and now they finally know why they are beautiful.


    [The "2018 Hangzhou Global Cheongsam Day" series of events is hosted by the Hangzhou Tourism Commission. It aims to showcase Hangzhou's elegant and confident new life aesthetics through a series of cultural and distinctive activities at home and abroad. West Lake Long Bridge Cheongsam Show is one of its main activities. ]