2018 Undergraduate Students Participated in the Orientation

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Orientation 2018 for new undergraduate students was held in the East 2-101 classroom at Zijingang Campus on September 12, 2018. The purpose of this activity is to help international students smoothly adapt to the new university life.

The Orientation included two aspects in teaching and student affairs; Mr. Gu Hui, Office of Teaching Affairs offered Introduction of Course Registration which included course selection procedures and key point matters. Afterwards, Ms.Cai Dan, Office of Teaching Affairs explained new curriculum by major and pointed out course/major requirements and also differences between the international students and the Chinese students.

Mr.Ye Wen, Office of Student Affairs explained the training goals of Zhejiang University about student academic skill, ability, security, self-confidence and well-being and also practical information in academic plan, students affairs, visa application, daily life management, reward &discipline system, dormitory administrator management and other useful contents. His suggestions and know-how help freshmen settling into new college life quickly and smoothly.

After the orientation, many international students actively communicate with teachers and expressed gaining lots of useful information. The students were full of expectation and confidence for the upcoming study life atZhejiangUniversity.

Author: Shen Dan

Photographer: Wang Sainan