Freshmen Majoring in Chinese Language Participates in a Group Counseling Session

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    On the afternoon of September 16, a group counseling session was held in Room 313 of Asian Youth Center in Zijingang Campus by Wang Sainan and Shen Dan of Student Affairs Office to help freshmen majoring in Chinese language better adapt to campus life. More than 30 freshmen participated in the activity.

    The students were divided into 5 groups in random. Under the guidance of teachers, each group decided an interesting group name and designed a logo through discussion and invited a group member to give a presentation. Afterwards, students shared with each other about falling in love with Hangzhou, campus life and learning expectation during game sessions.

    The group counseling session not only helped freshmen had a better understanding of each other and campus life, but also greatly improved their teamwork skills and cohesion, which set the stage for an intimate and friendly group.

Author: Wang Sainan

Photographer: Shen Dan

Translator: Xu Mengjiao