The First International Cup Football Competition was Launched in Ocean College, ZJU

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From October 13 to 14, the first International Cup football competition was launched on the playground of Zhoushan campus, ZJU, which was hosted by the International Student Association. There were four teams took part in the competition. They were the overseas student football team of Ocean College, ZJU, the Chinese student football team of Ocean College, East China Sea team of Zhoushan city and the faculty football team of Zhejiang Ocean University.

    Despite the heavy rain, nearly 50 players gathered here, some of them just returned from Hangzhou with their passion for football. Some of the remaining students were accompanied throughout the tournament in custom ball suits, cheering and cheering.

    After two days and four rounds of fierce competition, Zhejiang Ocean University's faculty football team won the championship with a 2:1 victory over the Chinese students' football team of Ocean College, and the foreign students' football team also beat the East China Sea team by a 5-2 advantage to win the third place.

    Passion is glowing on the ground; the youth is shining on the dream. The football match not only shows the positive and life-loving attitude of students, but also brings the team members from different cultural backgrounds and working and learning environments into a more diversified spark.

ByXie Chengcheng    PhotoRobert