Outstanding CSC scholarship students participated in the activity of Perception of China Capital Tour

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    200 Outstanding CSC scholarship students from Germany, Russia, Italy, South Korea and other 60 countries, now they are studying at the universities in 15 provinces and cities of China, gathered in Beijing and participated in the third Perception of China•Capital Tour activity which was held by China Scholarship Council from 5th to 8th, November 2018. Seven Students of Zhejiang University, who was awarded the CSC Outstanding International Student Scholarship in the year of 2018 took part in the activity.

    During the activity, the 2018 annual awards ceremony of series of activities of international students was held grandly. Mr. TEO KAI DIK, Malaysian student of the School of Management of our university, came to the stage to receive the award as the only representative of the students in Zhejiang Province. Mr. CHOI SANGBEOM, Korean student of School of International Studies of our university, accepted the interview of the Guangming Daily, he said that he had achieved a lot during his study in Zhejiang University: I am very fond of the life and learning atmosphere in Zhejiang University, Hangzhou is an international city, I can meet friends from all over the world here, so I like here very much.
    In addition, the international students visited the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Memorial Hall atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and the artificial satellite ( which refers to liangdanyixing in Chinese briefly) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhongguancun Pioneering Park and other government departments, scientific research institutions, companies and enterprises. Through visiting, international students got a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinas political, economic, technological as well as agricultural development. At the same time, they truly experienced the great achievements especially made in the past 40 years of Chinas reform and opening up.
                                                                     Photo & Text by SHEN DAN
                                                                 Translation: PONGPO MISS PITCHAPA