The first International Football tournament

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    On Saturday, November 3rd, ISU hosted the first International Football tournament for both boys and girls, in cooperation with the Zhejiang University Students Football Association(ZJUSFA). There were 18 teams (6 female and 12 male teams) consisting of 60 female and 120 male players from over 50 countries.

    For the Girls Tournament, a team of Chinese girls (The Zheda Girls), won the gold with their amazing football skills, beating all the teams convincingly with a total of 28 goals. A team from Yuquan Campus (West Lake Women), with one Chinese player and mostly European Players came second; finally, a team with girls from Pacific countries (K Queen) came in third place. Everyone in the crowd were excited to watch girls play in a football tournament for the first time.

    For the Boys Tournament, it was a very tight competition where a Yemenis Team, an African team, a Korean team, and a diverse team of many nationalities (Team Spirit) consisting of Indian, Australian, Canadian, Egyptian, Malian, and Haitian nationalities emerged as the 4 finalists. In the end, the African team won the final by beating the Yemen team in a penalty shootout, with Team Spirit winning the Bronze prize.

    For Individual awards, on the female side, Chinese player, Zhao Ying (West Lake Women) won the best Female player after scoring 12 Goals. On the mens side, Yemen player, Jaman Muath, won the best Male player after scoring 8 goals.

This tournament allowed International students to showcase their excellent football skills and abilities, giving a great opportunity for Chinese students to meet and exchange football skills with their international peers.Hoping us progress hand in hand ,creating the best!