Hundreds of International Students Experience the Charm of Chinese Silk

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    From 17th to 18th November, the Chinese government scholarship students event, Experience China, Explore Silk Culture hosted by the China Scholarship Council, had been held in the City of Silk, Hang Zhou. It is one of the 2018 Experience China brand events of the CSC. 40 Chinese government scholarship students of our university and some of the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial University attended the event together. Shen jie, dean of the international college, Zhejiang University, delivered a speech on behalf of the brother universities at the opening ceremony. Associate dean Lu Zhengzhong, international student counselor Shi Huiling, Zhang Junyan participated in the event.
    The activities are rich and colorful, including knowledge lecture, cultural experience, museum visit, enterprise visit, art communication and so on. Through the lecture named silk culture and fashion trends, international students learned about the knowledge of silk and silk clothing changes and trends since the reform and opening up campaign. They appreciated silk products and experienced traditional silk co-weaving and tie-dye craft. They felt the beauty of Chinese silk by visiting the Chinese Silk Museum. Students not only found out that the silk technology innovation was promising in the WENSLI, but also enjoyed the fashion charm of silk art in the E-fashion town. 

    Silk is a significant carrier of Chinese culture. The Experience China, Explore Silk Culture event made international students have a better understanding of the traditional and the modern of Chinese silk, as well as the technology and art, the costume and aesthetic. They have a more direct and comprehensive grasp of Chinese silk culture. They were expressing their hope of becoming the ambassadors of Chinese culture in the future to spread the Chinese silk culture while enjoying the fantastic silk craftsmanship, the fashion of clothing and the beauty of the art. The more important thing is that it provided a chance for international students to learn deeply about the social development, especially the economic and technological progress of China since the reform and opening up campaign by experiencing Chinese culture, which laid an essential foundation of strengthening international student education and cultivating students love in China.