Shin Jaewon won the third prize in the second essay contest for overseas students in China

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      The awarding ceremony the second essay contest for overseas students in China was held in Beijing. Shin Jaewon, a Korean student of Zhejiang University  won the third prize.

      The activity organizer got very positive responses from a large number of international students and graduates, and received over 800 essays from students of more than 100 institutions. Finally, five students won the first prize, eight won the second and sixteen won the third.

      Shin told the story of his study and life in Zhejiang University, especially the assistance he got from his teachers, which broadening his vision, enriching his mind and so on.

Part of awarded essay

      For the four years in college, if they were the four seasons: my fresh year would be a prosperous spring; the sophomore, a vigorous summer; the third year, a fruitful autumn; the fourth year, a tranquil winter. If I were a tree, I would be honored that I was planted in the campus of Zhejiang University. The free, deep and rich soil here provided me with valuable nutrition, and allowed me to thrive and see a higher and farther world. There are all sorts of talents gathering from all over the world. Living with them, I learned how better plan my life, which enable me to answer the two questions more clearly and steadily.

Mr.Tian Xuejun was giving his speech

The publicity board

Mr.Shin holding a certificate