Interactions with International Students in International Restaurant

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    On November 16th we invited some student representatives to visit our west international restaurant. The students are very surprised with our Special decoration style and good dining environment. In our restaurant students can show their cooking skills and organize different activities in middle of the large terrace.  


    With the development of society, we use the easy way and it makes our customers order food more quickly. Customers can sweep code and it can be billed with alipay or student card. Teachers led students to visit our kitchen and introduced our different cooking equipment, material supply process and regulatory framework. We use advanced management system to make sure food safety and fire safety.


    At the end of this visit, teachers and students had a discussion. The students were very happy with our dining environment and food serving speed especially our price of the food. Some of the students want the international college and ISU to organize this kind of activities more frequently and they want to use the free area and kitchen equipment to hold more events. At the end of this meeting, teachers want all the students help to control hygiene supervision and make recommendations for our restaurant.