Strengthen International Students' Awareness of Fire Fighting & Jointly Create a Harmonious Campus

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    Although weather was very cold but Fire has no mercy. In order to let the students and teachers to know about how to handle fire and let people have enough ability to rescue himself or other people, we invite our students and stuffs together with the school security department to hold fire drill on November16th afternoon.

    This drill takes safety knowledge and matters needing attention for content. The person in charge of the fire control office of school security department made a mobilization speech for the fire drill and demonstrated how to use the fire extinguisher.

    We let students and teachers use fire extinguishers to put out a fire and it increases the experience for how to handle fire.

    Cherish your life and keep away from fire.

    This event was very successful. People get valuable experience. But we still need to remember the fire disasters were everywhere. We need to pay attention and increase our knowledge to keep our school become safety.