Experience of Tea Blends by ITCC

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On the afternoon of 22, December, which is also the Winter Solstice Festival in Chinese lunar year, ITCC(International Tea Culture Club of Zhejiang University) spent a fulfilling and hyggeling time together at TEAnk studio located in the White Birch Forest in Hangzhou.

Tea blends, a new trend of Chinese tea, is popular among youngsters. It provides a new method to develop the culture besides the traditional drinking way through which you can mix tea with coffee, wine, milk, syrup and so on in a certain proportion to create appealing appearances as well as excellent tastes.

Members enjoyed a series of fantastic performances of tea blends performed by teachers from TEAnk and were impressed deeply by the flowing movements of integrating. The harmonization of mellow tea, colorful syrup and strong wine finally contribute to    gorgeous tea blends decorated with flower, mint and so on. The fragrance and taste are rich in layers.

After appreciating fantastic performance, members couldnt wait to have a hands-on experience. Under teachers guidance, everyone DIY their own work, swelling with pleasure and hygge in the process of creating.

The last part finally came. Yanru Dong, chairwoman of ITCC, performed her original work of tea blends which won the gold medal of the fifth Chinese tea Olympic Games. Made by black tea, milk, foam and zest, it has a truly poetic Chinese name -Ⱦ֬. The tea was high praised and loved by all members and was looted in a flash.

During this trip, participants were amazed by the inclusive trait of tea. Various kinds of tea can cooperate with each other while tea tastes good with coffee, wine, fruit, milk, flower and all the wonderful things you can imagine. Chinese tea culture has a really long history and lasted charms up till now. ITCC (ZJU International Tea Culture Club) always takes on the responsibility to inherit and develop tea culture and we sincerely hope to be creative and imaginative, spreading its enchanting and increased charms over regions and countries.