Yemen Students Won the 2019 ZJU Futsal Challenge

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 On March 24,mens final of 2019 Futsal Challenge of Zhejiang University ended in the sports ground of Yuquan Campus.  The Yemeni team triumphed 4-1 over the Tarim team, winning back-to-back champions in 2018 and 2019. The challenge was hosted by Students' Football Association of Zhejiang University, and jointly organized by the Department of Public Physical & Art Education and Zhejiang University hospital.

On the theme of Lets play football in spring,34 mens teams competed in the game. Every team was distinctive, with players from different countries, colleges and majors while sharing the same enthusiasm towards football. They fought hard and vigorously on the field, showing their vitality of youth.

The futsal consisted of the group single round robin and the elimination match. In the group phase, 32 teams were divided into 8 groups and competed in 48 games; the best two teams of each group entered the elimination match, where the winner of each match reached the next round. Yemeni team went all the way through 16 fierce competitions, and triumphed in the final.

                                                                                            Wang Sainan