Open Mic Night

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   April 13 marked the grand opening of the International Students Open Mic Night. Chinese and international students from Canada, Malaysia, India, Korea, Philippine, Iceland, Russia, Thailand, Estonia, Angola, etc. presented a feast for all on Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University. The gala was co-hosted by International Students Union of Zhejiang University and Students Association for Overseas Exchange.

    With more than 20 performances from singing, dancing, rapping to instrument playing brought by over 50 students, the night was never short of excitement.

    Andreas, from Estonia, played a mellow duet singing his own song Through the Foggy Window, which was just like casting a spell on the audience. The bilingual rap Young Forever by Wang Duoyu, from China and KIM JANG WON, from Korea showed that music knows no boundaries. And the Canadian Lu Siwei, inspired by the atmosphere, improvised a rap.

    Besides singing songs, the Korean dance team Luna gave us a fascinating K-pop dancing. Chinese student Zhou Yi played Girls Love with Xun, an ancient Chinese instrument. The melodious sound gave us a new experience.

    All performances won applause. The three-hour stunning Open Mic Night, where Chinese and international students gathered together, appreciating the beauty of music and sharing their love for music, was truly impressive and unforgettable!