Let's create a better world together! 2019 Huawei Recruitment of International Student in China

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    Huawei International Student Recruitment was held in Asian Youth Communication Center of Zijingang Campus on April 12, 2019. This is the second time for Huawei to hold a recruitment for international students of Zhejiang University, aiming to build a bridge between the university and the enterprise, and provide a broader platform for international students to start their own career and get employed. The conference attracted more than 80 international students from more than 40 countries including Canada, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Malaysia, South Korea, CongoNigeria and so on.

    Feng Weixiong, the head of Huawei's human resources department, made an overview of Huawei. In recent years, with the expansion of business and the upgrading of technology, Huawei, proceeding from the global strategy, is committed to promoting the global intellectualization and interconnection, also creating more fortune for the world. International students not only have their own cultural accumulation, but also have a better understanding of Chinese culture, which is an important force to Huawei's globalization. Last year, 4 outstanding graduates of international students from ZJU joined Huawei. They can identify with Huawei's culture and core values, and quickly integrate into their work. This year, Huawei still has a large recruitment demand for international students, the positions involve sales, service, human resources, R&D, etc.

    In the communication session, international students actively took part in. According to their personal situations, their questions includessending resume, interview, internship, new employee training, work visa and professional counterparts. The staffs of Huawei gave detailed answers one by one. The final lucky draw made everyone excited. Five international students won the prizes provided by Huawei and took a photo.




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