Huawei and Zhejiang University: New employment platform for international students

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    On April 12, three Huawei staff, Han Hongwei(CHRO), Liu Ye(HRBP for North Eastern Europe) and Zheng Senyan(HRM of Huawei Hangzhou Research Center) visited Zhejiang University. Shen Jie, Dean of International College of ZJU, had a thorough talk with them on international students' employment. Ye Wen, vice director of Student Affairs Office and Shen Dan, International StudentsCounselor, attended the meeting.

    Han Hongwei started from a brief introduction of the company's development, overseas businesses and the demand for global talents. He spoke highly of four international students of ZJU admitted last year, praising that they not only have high quality and professional skills, but also have a better understanding of Chinese culture. They were all quick learners and did a good job during internship. This year, Huawei still have many vacancies in marketing, service sector, R&D, HR, etc., includingthe branch of North Eastern Europe, Eurasia, North Africa, South Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

    Dean Shen said that ZJU attaches great importance to the cultivation and employment of international students. In recent years, International College has actively stepped up connections with companies, and built Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practice Base for International Students. The cultivation goals of ZJUis very consistent with Huawei's demand for global talents. And international students from more than 150 counties is almost covering region talents needs of Huaweis globalization development. At the same time, with the Belt and Road Initiative, a stronger industry and university collaboration will facilitate Chinese companies international development. Dean Shen suggested we can explore new cooperation channels to open up opportunities. In addition to annual campus recruitment, we can develop programs such as localized training of global talents and customized training for companies.

    Both sides exchanged and discussed employment-related issues including internship and internship visa annotation. They shared the vision on jointly building employment platform for international students to cultivate global talentsbetter.