Innovation & Entrepreneurship, A Beginning Towards Wondrous Idea Impacts

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   On April 19, the Orientation for International Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest of Zhejiang Province, 2019 was held at Asian Youth Exchange Center, Zijingang Campus. The vice Dean of International College Zhengzhong Lu and Ms. XiangPing Xie from Cross-Border Trading Town  were present in the Orientation. A spectacular Orientation about Innovation and Entrepreneurship was presented to the audience by the Project Managers of Cross-Border Entrepreneurship Park Ms. Hong Zhu, Ms. Tingting Zhu and Ms. Jin Chen, a representative of the Entrepreneurship Park who was also a former Graduate from ZJU . The Orientation has attracted over 50 students gathering from over 10 countries including China, USA, Australia, Austria, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, Cambodia, South Africa, and so on.

   In the first segment, Ms. Zhu gave a brief introduction on the Entrepreneurship Park of Foreign Students. The Park is based on The Road and Belt Initiative as a starting point, under the cooperation between the universities and the town, supported by dimensional platforms like trading partner program, global merchandising, etc. Global connection through Internet, culture, talents, industries, etc. As the organizing committee of International Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest of Zhejiang Province 2019, we hope that more International students participate eagerly in the contest and welcome international student to take an in-depth look at the excellent services.

    Ms Chen, an American 2018 graduate from ZJU whose firm is currently stationed at the Entrepreneurship Park returned to share her pleasant experience and stories with her juniors. She stated that China has a superb entrepreneurship environment, the university as well as the government provides platforms and resources for international students entrepreneurship. She sincerely hopes that everyone cherishes this opportunity.

    In the final segment, the audiences eagerly raised their concerns regarding various topics including the contest arrangements, the composing of a good business plan, the presenting of contest-purpose Power Point and many more. Ms. Chu provided an excellent introduction with patience and detailed information to the student. It had not only given them a better understanding of the contest as well as have seen a clearer picture of what to expect from their projects.

  This orientation is a good way to serve international students who focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in ZJU. It helps them to communicate with others, generate new ideas and make a better career plan for innovation and entrepreneurship.