ITCC | Ice-breaking

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    Although it was raining outside, the tea room was full of laughing. On Sunday afternoon, 21April,new members from ITCC had an ice-breaking party. There are 97 people from 25 countries. The warm tea and greetings welcomed their joining in ITCC.

    Pretty soon they began talking with each other. They have a magical connection because of the love of tea.

    The host from ITCC studio first introduced the information of ITCC and staffs from studio, and welcomed new members. And then, the game time began!

Knowing names

Circling name with the movement

Passing on tea with paper cups

Dancing like mad

Drinking tea without seeing it

    In the end of game, studio staffs prepared the prize for winnersOsmanthus Longjing, Rose Puerh etc. At the same time, Ilex Kudingcha was waiting for members who did not get high score in games.

    Smiles and laughter can make my days sparkle with happiness. Indeed, laughter is one of the best medicine in the world. Youve got 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to smile like I did today? HE Binjunfrom Thailand.

    I enjoyed a lot today. I will be happy to participate more! IQBAL, from Pakistan.