Tea over the world| Korean tea ceremony-appreciate frugal beauty

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    On the afternoon of May 19th in Zijingang Campus, with accompany of refined music the first session of International Tea Culture Salon was held, members of ITCC could enjoy the Korean tea ceremony.

   The host of the meeting was LEE JEEHYUN, the vice-president of Korean Tea Ceremony Association and graduate student of tea science major. She got influenced by her family and was attracted by the fragrance of tea, she popularizes Korean tea culture for many years already.

    Since the reign of queen Soeondeok of Silla Kingdom (632-646) the tea customs were brought to Korea from Chinese Tang dynasty. During the reign of King Heungdeok of Silla kingdom (828) Kim Daeryeomthe diplomats to the tang dynastywas dispatched to bring tea seeds from China. Royal court issued an imperial edict to plant the tea in the mountains and since then Korea started to develop own tea culture.

    In Korea drinking tea is very important. Traditional Korean tea ceremony has a lot of stress points, from furnishing the tea set, holding and placing the cup to adding water, all those have own techniques.

    Korean tea ceremony strives for fair and just, its a way of adjusting body and mind and cultivating oneself through meditation. Tea culture practice let people become good and honest, treat others with courtesy, embody traditional virtues as being thrifty and simple, having clean manner etc.

    Koreans mostly use white porcelain to prepare tea, tea set used in the ceremony is pregnant with meaning. Tea cloth has two sides: red and blue, red symbolizes the sun, blue C the moon. Flowers put in front of the brewing tea place occupy the pivotal position. Flowers stay in a very noble place, but they cant supersede the importance of tea and tea set itself.

    After the presentation of Korean tea ceremony, participants started to discuss etiquette of each country. Civilizations communicate because of diversity, learn from each other because of communication and develop because of mutual learning. The session not only let us better understand each other, but also advanced the blending and harmonizing of different cultures. We believe this moment will be a light in establishing the multicultural environment.
    ITCC members report:

   When we were waiting for the tea master made a cup of tea, it is a worth waiting.  And I really like when we had discussed about the cultures. Said Chotisarn, a Thai student who majors in soft engineering of Zhejiang University.

Written by wang lei (China)

Translated by Molly ka (Poland)

Photographed bywang lei (China)