Festival Baked with Tea| Dragon Boat Festival Tea Party

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   In the beginning of the fifth month of the lunar calendar there is Dragon Boat festival. Along with Spring Festival, Qingming Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival it belongs to four traditional Chinese festivals, it was also the first Chinese festival to be placed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Facing the come of the Festival, International Tea Culture Club of Zhejiang University organized the third activity of Festival Baked with Tea.

   On the evening of 5th Junethe music and the fragrance of zongzi permated the Tea Culture Room, which is waiting for international students of ZJU gathered together. They putted colorful bracelets on their wrists and started to celebrate the tea party.

At the beginning, the host Dong Xingyuan and Marta Moko (Poland) introduced the origins and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon Boat Festival comes from worshiping the Heaven, was created on the base of dragon totem ceremony in ancient times. Later, there was a story of Chu country poet Qu Yuan, who threw himself to the river holding a stone during the Warring States period. The story also blended a lot of folk customs and got a rich cultural meaning. Eating zongzi, paddling dragon boats, hanging mugwort, pinning multicolored ropes, drinking millet wine, making and wearing pouches C those all belong to Dragon Boat Festival special customs.

Next, there was the tea part held, which International Tea Culture Club activity cant be lack of. Member of ITCC C Dai Han brought the graceful and elegant flower tea performance. Hot water was turning over and over, flowers were slowly opening in the water filling the air with their delegate fragrance. After the performance all participants had the opportunity to make own flower tea. There were red roselle, delicate and a little bit bitter chrysanthemum, jasmine flower with its strong fragrance, Chinese wolfberry, orange peel, peppermint, lemon grass to mix together and make an own original taste.

   Fresh tea was accompanied by a little bit greasy mung bean cake, five poison cakes and zongzi C perfect match to Dragon Boat Festival. The five poison cakes because of their special name and design made everybody very curious. As the staff introduced: five poison cakes are actually cakes with rose filling. Just in the past, during the early Xia dynasty they were used to express the wish of preventing diseases and keeping good health, thats why there are images of scorpions, toads, spiders, centipedes and snakes carved on the top as the symbols of >five poisons<. The cakes are special snack in the Northern China during the Dragon Boat Festival.

  After tasting Dragon Boat Festival snacks, the smell of wormwood filled in the classroom and participants attention was taken by pouches. International students from all over the world were sitting around one table, one needle, one thread; one here, one there. And in the hand C not only a pouch to be sewed, but also deep interest of Chinese traditional culture and understanding of folk customs.

At the end of the tea party participants were happily sharing the effects of their work, like showing pouches sewed by themselves. Also the pitch-pot game competition made the atmosphere much more hotter. During this exchange participants one by one expressed hope that more tea cultures activities will be organized, because they are eager to introduce the tea culture of their own countries. So the International Tea Culture Club of Zhejiang University will still provide opportunities to exchange the tea culture, create space to promote Chinese culture and put effort to let it merge with other cultures peacefully.

Wrriten by Zhang Yuan

Translated by Marta Moko

Photographed by Zhang Yuan