Bamboo Leaves Fragrance, Dream of China-- Dragon Boat Festival Activity for International Students Successfully Held

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    Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. On the afternoon of June 6th, Bamboo leaves fragrance, dream of China activity was successfully held in the International Canteen (West), Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University. The event was organized by the Foreign Expert & Student Service Center, International College, Zhejiang University. This activity attracted many international students to explore the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

    With the soothing music, the activity began. The activity was divided into two parts: good-looking sachet and delicious Zongzi (also called rice dumpling). The host first briefly introduced the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, and Qu Yuan (a great ancient poet), sachet, Zongzi, dragon boat and other relevant historical and cultural knowledge and customs. Then through watching a short video, students had a more intuitive understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival.

    Students started to make sachet under the guidance of our instructors. Though at first it was quite difficult to thread the needle, many boys did not give up, they slowly mastered the methods and techniques. One needle, one thread, the embroidered side of the sachet was made. Then they placed the Chinese herbal medicine in the sachet, tightened the mouth and stitched edges. Everyone was having fun. Finally, the teachers of Foreign Expert & Student Service Center selected the three most beautiful sachets and presented the souvenirs to the winners.

    After trying to make a sachet, students were eager to try Zongzi. When the host announced the start, they carefully followed the staffs to learn how to wrap the Zongzi. Soon, rectangular, triangular, and horn-shaped Zongzi were presented in creative ways. Different from making a sachet, this time, the Ingenuity Award was selected, and the three most different and most creative Zongzi were on the list.

    After on-the-spot teaching and hands-on experience, Bamboo leaves fragrance, dream of China activity came to the end. This activity has enabled the international students to learn about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, feel the folk customs and have a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture. In the Q&A session, students showed a strong interest in Chinese traditional culture. At the end of the event, each participant received a souvenir prepared by the Foreign Expert & Student Service Center and took a group photo.