Festival Baked with Tea| Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Party

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   As the bright moon shines and Osmanthus fragrance spread, International Tea Culture Club (ITCC) of Zhejiang University held its academic year's very first event during Mid Autumn Festival. This event was a Tea party called "festival baked with tea".  The Tea Party included two segments: Tea acrobatics from the Song Dynasty and Mid Autumn Culture Sharing. This provides friends from all over the world an opportunity to experience and appreciate the Chinese traditional festival.

   The Tea Party commences as light folk songs ringing in the background. The host, Cristine started by introducing the origin of Mid Autumn Festival and its place as the second largest traditional festival after Spring Festival.

   When talking about the Mid-Autumn festival culture, several fairy tales ought to be mentioned. For example, Chang E flying to the moon, The Jade Rabbit pounding herbs and WuGang chopping Osmanthus laurels.

    Mid Autumn Festival, traditionally as a festival to pray have included many activities in the folk as well. Admiring lanterns, enjoying moon cakes, fire dragon dance, appreciating Sweet scented osmanthus wine as well as serving offerings to the moon for blessing are some of the common traditions on this joyous occasion. In this Mid-autumn Tea Party, ITCC strived to create a warm atmosphere for everyone by replacing Sweet scented osmanthus wine with osmanthus and Longjing tea.

    After the brief introduction, the entire tea party reached its climaxTea acrobatics demostration and hands on. There is a famous saying in the Chinese tea culture "Tea simmered in the Tang Dynasty, dipped in the Song Dynasty and brewed in the Ming Dynasty". Tea acrobatics began in the late Tang dynasty and was popular in the Song dynasties. Emperor Song Hui Zong's drawing "The drawing of Wen Hui" has demonstrated that tea acrobatics was a popular feat during that time.

    After the demonstration, everyone was eager to try and thus began their own individual creations. The white tea powder and green tea powder dissolved in the container and was wipped into a thick paste. All members whisk the liquid and surface of the tea rapidly to create a tea foam after pouring a large quantity of hot water. Although it was the first try, everyone did it exceptionally well under the patient guidance of the staff. When the foam is delicate and creamy, this marks that it is ready for tea drawing using tea paste.

    In the drawing process, everyone unleashed their creativity to create some innovative works of art. Some drew lovely pandas, some drew three pools mirroring the moon which is Xihu's famous scenary, some people brought forth a laurel tree under the moon with the aid of tea leaves and osmanthus flowers.Small cups of tea art condensed everyone's heart together. With Beautiful Scenaries, close friends and pleasant talks, isn't that what happiness is?

   The wind clears the cloud and presenting of the shiny moonlight, blessed with Beautiful Scenery and wonderful times.Wishing you and your family to have a happy reunion, peace and prosperity on Mid Autumn.