ISU Fresher's Picnic

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   September 23, the Freshes Picnic 2019 presented by the International Students Union(ISU) successfully took place on the sward near the Qizhen Lake on Zijingang Campus. The picnic attracted over 150 students from different countries of various cultural background to join.

    In comparison with to previous year, the scale of the event is not the only factor being improved this year. We saw a list of some new creative games that were picked to maximize the engagement level within the 4 people team with a few worth mentioning. Tug of War still makes it to the list accompanied by 6-Legged Race, Balloon Rooster Game, Lemon in a Spoon and many more.

    The main aim was for the Freshers to build the bond with each other and with the seniors through the games and activities that were planned. People were engaging in games and activities, gathering around playing guitar and singing together. In more than 3 hours of the picnic, freshers and seniors had a great time together!

    Thanks to our volunteers from ISU and many other International Students who made the new picnic party possible. With them, this picnic party has been getting better and better than its last year's. Also thank you for all Students both freshers and seniors who attended the event. The next picnic party will be able to do more than its last year, year after year.