The ISU Book donation activities ended successfully

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    Recently,Zhejiang University International Student Union (ISU) hold books donation of commenced which has ended on a high note. The purpose of this activity is to recycle books that senior students no longer use for the greater needs of juniors. It is a chance for students to revive the usability of their books rather than leaving them on their bookshelves.

    The activity was thoughtfully arranged with more than 40 seniors students which actively donated their books, and at an approximately of 230 books which later found a new home to more than 100 juniors students in both General Program and MBBS students .The volunteers who participated in this activity all contributed actively, making up the posters, and completing their work genuinely. To their surprise, most juniors expressed their feeling of happiness and gratitude to senior students and to ISU as well for holding such event.

   Every year, the International Student Union (ISU) organizes international students carry out such meaningful activities, hoping that more people will participate. The actual donation event took three days, but the preparations for such event are still not easy! On one hand, we should vigorously publicize it, and on the other hand, should make students understand the significance of this donation.

   Finally, we would like to thank the students who donated their books and the volunteers who paid silently behind them. This activity has come to a successful result! Thank you for your support.