International Student Dream Entrepreneurship Associations Entrepreneurs Communication Meeting Held Successfully

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        On November 23, an international student entrepreneurship communication meeting organized by the International student Dream Entrepreneurship Association (IDEA) was successfully held in Zijin Zhongchuang Town. 33 students from nearly 20 countries participated in the event. The meeting specially invited Mr. Yu Lei from Hangzhou MyHomie Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Aiza and Mr. Mustafa from Artificial Intelligence technology companies (AiNi), and Mr. Zhou Yien from Zhejiang University School of Medicine as sharing guests to communicate with the students.

        Under the leadership of volunteers, the event started with an ice breaking game called Hot Potato to make the students communicate and feel comfortable with each other. After the host made a brief introduction of IDEA who organized this event, Mr. Yu Lei from Hangzhou MyHomie Technology Co., Ltd. make a report on innovation and entrepreneurship. He introduced the MyHomie platform and the details of Cross-border e-commerce Training Program (GYTP) co-organized by MyHomie, hoping that more international students will participate actively. Next, Mr. Aiza and Mr. Mustafa from an artificial intelligence technology company (AiNi) shared their entrepreneurial stories and introduced their artificial intelligence products and research progress. Subsequently, Mr. Zhou Yien from Zhejiang University School of Medicine gave a presentation entitled "The Art of Socialization" to the students, which described the basic etiquette and requirements of socialization. He specially provided some useful suggestions based on his own perception and experience of socialization.


In the Q&A and communication sessions, the students asked questions to the speakers one after another, and all the guests answered patiently and carefully. The refreshments prepared in advance by IDEA created a good environment for socialization at the venue. The participants at the venue either took the initiative to talk with the guests or tried to meet new friends. The venue presented a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

        The entrepreneurship communication meeting provides a learning and practice platform to improve skills and abilities for students who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. Through reports and lectures, questions and answers, and interactive communications, these students can deepen their knowledge and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance the exploration and cognition of themselves, and improve their comprehensive qualities and abilities.