Apr 20,  2018

The first inaugural Cricket tournament in Zhejiang University hosted by ISU Sports Department of ZJU last weekend, comprising of 8 teams from 4 different Campuses of the University£¬Zijingang...


Chinese Ambassador Visits UWACI

Sep 04,  2017

On the afternoon of 24th August 2017, the Chinese Ambassador to Australia, Mr Cheng Jingye, Counsellor Ms Miao Changxia, Chinese Consul General in Perth, Mr Lei Kezhong and their entourage vi...


One Belt One Road: The Pursuit of Poetry, and the Spirit of the Age Preserved in the Tea Leaves. 

Jun 14,  2017

By Yubin Zhang, Joscelin Viviani,JordanSullivan| Updated: 2017-06-07

Zhejiang University Undergraduates Compete in National Poetry Recitation Contest

On June 2nd, th...


2017 Zhejiang University International Students Badmintn Tournament

May 16,  2017

The Zhejiang University International students Badminton tournament came to a successful end on the 30th of April, 2017 at the Yuquan Campus Sports Arena. This tournament was hosted by t...


Opening & Award Ceremony of International Photography Exhibition held in International College

Jun 22,  2016

The opening and award ceremony of the photography exhibition entitled ¡°The city Culture of Hangzhou through the Eyes of Our Foreign Friends¡± was held in Asian Youth  Center on Zi-jin-g...


Spring Farewell Party for Bangladesh PhD Graduates

Apr 26,  2016

The spring graduation season is always accompanied with tears, laughter and flowers. On April 14th, more than 30 Bangladesh students gathered together at Asian Youth Center, Zijingang Campus,...


MOFCOM Program Students Attending Culture Field Trip to Shandong Province

Apr 18,  2016

The culture field trip to Shandong province from April 14th to 16th is organized to help the MOFCOM program students experience the Confucian culture, so as to enhance their understanding abo...


Successful Forum on TCM Held by Confucius Institute at UWA

Apr 13,  2016

On 31st March, the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia held the first public forum ¡°China in Conversation¡± of the year at the lecture theatre of the university club o...


Set Sail from Here- Spring 2016 Zhejiang University Commencement

Apr 01,  2016

 On March 30 2016, with mild sunshine and blossom flowers , Zhejiang University Spring 2016 Commencement was held at Stadium in Zi...


The International Students attending the 2016 New Year Carnival Night of the 2nd Student Festival of Zhejiang University

Jan 12,  2016

The last night of 2015, Zijingang campus was full of applause and cheers. The 2016 New Year Carnival Night of the 2nd Student Festival of Zhejiang University offered as a terrific cultural ba...