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Registration of New International Students 2019-2020 Academic Year

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Date & Location of Registration for New International Students

Date: September 2nd Monday and 3rd Tuesday 2019


1)  All the Chinese Language Program students:

International College Building, Yuquan Campus, Hangzhou (adjacent to North Gate on Xixi Road)

2)  All the other students (including undergraduate students, post-graduate students, exchange students for academic courses, CSC general and advanced scholars and so on):

Administration Building of International College, West Zone, Zi-jin-gang Campus,Hangzhou (keep moving westward after you go past the building of School of Medicine)

3) Students for programs on Hai-ning International Campus & Zhou-shan Campus (Ocean College)

For students who are going to attend the programs held on these two campuses, please follow the instruction you receive from the two campuses respectively.