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Notice - the 5th Foreign Language Songs Competition

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       Dear Fellow Overseas Students and Friends:

      The 5th Foreign Language Songs Competition is coming! Undergraduates and graduate students of universities in Hangzhou are all welcomed to participate. Participants can be either individuals or groups, but it is not permitted to apply for more than once for each person. The award for the first prize is iPod Touch, for the second prize is iPod Nano, and for the third is iPod Shuffle....
You might get additional scores in the following conditions:
        Take your own music equipments
        Sing a song in Chinese
        Sing a song which is composed by yourself
        Sing a song in the language that is neither English or Chinese
        Take some dancers with you

       The first round of the competition will be held on the evenings of December 14 and 15 in Zijingang Campus.

       Time for application: Now –December 12th  24:00
       Place for application:
       Room 3504International College BldgYuquan Campus,
       or East 1-104, Zijingang Campus,
       You can also send short message to our stuff: 13732279498 / 589498
       or send Email to