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Winter Break Tips

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1) Registration date of Next Semester: for all current students and new students of advanced study program: Feb. 22nd 2019; for new students of Chinese Language Program: Feb. 22nd and Feb. 25th.

2) Fire Prevention: Do not use super-power electrical appliances, such as heater/stove; do not store or carry dangerous articles.

3) Theft Prevention: Be sure to lock the door and window before leaving the dorm room; take care of personal certificate, wallet and valuable belongings while shopping and taking public transportation; do not go to remote or desolate place alone.

4) Traffic Safety: Be sure to observe the traffic regulations; do not use illegal vehiclesdo not ride or drive after drinking.

5) Food Cleanliness: Do not buy food at the vendors stand having no food hygiene license, be sure to keep food clean and fully cooked.

6) No Excessive Drinking: Do not drink heavily in dorm or go out for drinking at night.

7) Avoid making noise in the dorm; be sure to keep tolerance if a dispute occurs and ask the relevant managerial person to settle it, do not take action by yourself.

Wish all of you a very Happy Spring Festival!


Jan.18th, 2019