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    The Chinese government scholarship students who will study in China next academic year (from September 2019), including the Ph.D. students scheduled to finish study before February 2020 but would like to do study extension, are requested to take part in the annual scholarship review. Please fill in Form for Annual Review of CSC status (download or go to the International Student Office (for postgraduate students: contact Mr. Tang or Mr. Shen, Room 207, Dorm B, Zijingang Campus,; for undergraduate students: contact teacher in Room B125, Eastern 1 Bldg., Zijingang Campus) to take the Form) . The front page of the Form should be filled in and returned to the International Student Office (The Summary of Study and Conduct should be more than 100 words, another one paper could be attached for detail). The deadline of scholarship review is:  May 8, 2019.
    The scholarship of the students, who fail to pass the review, or fail to finish the review in time, will be stopped on July 15th, 2019.
    Ph.D. student, whose scholarship is pre-scheduled to be ended this year and who is unable to finish the program in time while having not applied for scholarship extension before, please contact Mr. Tang as soon as possible and fill in the Application Form for Scholarship Extension (download). Ph.D. students under bilateral governmental agreement should submit the Approval Letter written by home countrys Embassy. The deadline for CSC scholarship extension application is Apr. 30, 2019.

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