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Winter Break Tips

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The winter holidaystartsatJanuary 18 and lasts until February 20, 2020. Relevant tips are listed as follows:

1. Registration dates for spring/summer semester, 2019-2020 school year

1) New students of Chinese language program: Feb.21st, Feb. 24th 2020

2) Current students of Chinese Language Program: Feb. 25th, Feb. 26th, Feb.27th 2020

3) New students of advanced study program: Feb. 19th, Feb.20th 2020

4) Current undergraduate students, postgraduate students and students of advanced study program: Feb. 21st 2020

2. Safety tips

  1) Always maintain safety awareness during the holiday. Properly protect yourself, and call the police if in danger. Take care of your valuables and personal certificates; keep your passport and bank card in separate places. While participating in group activities, observe relevant rules, keep courteous and safe.

2) When leaving your room for vacation, turn off the power and the water tap, lock the door and window. During your trip, observe traffic regulations; do not use illegal vehicles. Be aware of safety concerns as well as of local customs and etiquette.

  3) If you stay on campus for the holiday, keep your dorm key safe and do not lend it to others. Do not put up outsiders for the night. Safely use electricity, gas, and water. Do not use illegal electrical appliances.


Wish all of you a happy Spring Festival and a great winter break!                                      


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                                     Jan.17th, 2020