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Notice for All Applicants for 2020 September Intake (2) About the submission of the Required Application Documents

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Dear Applicants for 2020 September intake,


To ensure you can successfully make your application under the influence by the NCP epidemic, please pay attention to the following points as to the submission of your application documents:


1.Proof of pending graduation and official transcripts

For applicants who are now studying in high schools or universities in mainland China and planning to apply for degree programs (bachelors programs, masters degree programs & doctoral programs) in Zhejiang University, ifyou are not able to provide the official copies of pending graduation and transcripts for the moment, a clear screenshot of the education administrative system of your current school that can truly and completely reflect the your academic record and performance can serve as replacement. 


2.HSK Test Certificate:

If you cannot provide the official HSK certificate before the application deadline, you may provide the clear screenshot of scores from the official website of HSKinstead 


3.Recommendation Letters:

Clear scanned copies of recommendation letters are acceptable for the time being.


4.Original Physical Examination Form:

Students applying for scholarship, who are unable to go to the medical institution for physical examination due to the NCP epidemic, are allowed to upload a statement that explains why the form is unable to be provided. 



The official copies of the above-mentioned documents shall be submitted according to the requirements of the admission bulletins in future. Further notice will be given to you in this regard.


If somehow your paper documents had been returned by post or express delivery previously, please re-send them to us. Please make sure you use the exact mailing address as listed in our official admission bulletins on our colleges web site. 

Please note the hard copies of your application documents MUST be delivered by post. Coming in person to the campus is NOT accepted.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



International College

Zhejiang University

Feb.28th 2020