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A letter to ZJU International Students

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Dear Students,

      The year of 2020 is not an ordinary year, since the COVID-19 has been raging seriously around our planet.

      Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals like practices of other countries. Thus international students who are now abroad can not return to campus temporarily. We would like to express our sincere concern to all international students. We also want to have your understanding, support and cooperation. Health and life, after all, is the most important.

      We are always concerned of your study. In this special period,  the more difficult the situation is, the more we should put into study.  Although we can not get together in class, you still need to make a good study plan and carry on learning and doing research. Students who are going to graduate need to keep close touch with your supervisors and colleges,  pay attention to every step of the graduation arrangements so as to graduate on time.

      Dear students, your health and safety is what we concern the most. We hope you and your families can take protective measures, avoid unnecessary travels, maintain a good mood, live well and study well. The time of returning to campus depends on the evolving situation of the pandemic control, but you are students of Zhejiang University, ZJU always cares about you and will always have your back. No matter wherever you are, please feel free to contact us when you have difficulties, and we will try our best to help you.

      With regard to living allowance for scholarship students, since it is supposed to be used when students study and stay inside Mainland China, according to relevant regulations, living allowance will be suspended temporarily from April, and will be reinstated once students return to campus so that the supply of their daily life will be ensured .

      Lets have faith that with joint efforts of the whole world, we will surely pass through this difficult time. When the epidemic is behind us, lets meet again in Qiushi Academy.

  We miss you all.


International College, Zhejiang University

April 3, 2020