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The Implementation Plan of Youth Talent Program-YINGCAIJIHUAfor International Undergraduate Students, Zhejiang University,2021

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    Zhejiang University continues to implement the Youth Talent Program -YINGCAIJIHUA for international undergraduate students in 2021. This program is intended to attract more outstanding international applicants to pursue Bachelors degree in Zhejiang University, improve students quality and enrich the diversity of students. This program will also promote the development of Double-first Class university construction.

    Youth Talent Program-YINGCAIJIHUAwelcomes high schools both in China and abroad to participate. The eligible high schools are recommended to select outstanding international students to study in Zhejiang University. The high schools applying for this program must submit application form to International College, Zhejiang University before deadline.

I. Eligibility of High Schools

Schools applying for the program should be with:

1. Advanced Educational Philosophy and cultivation mode, emphasis on the all-round development of students.

2. Rich school running and teaching experience.

3. An outstanding international students population

4. Fine teaching facilities and force.

II. Eligibility of Students

Students MUST meet the following requirements:

1. None Chinese citizens with excellent scores and outstanding general performance, having a good knowledge of Chinese culture and being friendly to Chinese people and with globalized vision.

2. For students who are going to graduate from high schools in China, it is better if their score ranks among 15% of the whole grade . For students who are going to graduate from high schools abroad, it is better if their score ranks among 5% of the whole grade.

3. Meet the requirements of undergraduate admission of Zhejiang University.

4. Be recommended by the principal of eligible high school.

III. Application of High School

1. High schools applying for the program must submit the Application Form (download) to Zhejiang University by Dec.23rd ,2020. Zhejiang University will organize expert review to approve high schools application according to schools current situation, quality of international students, previous application and enrollment status etc. The approved high school will be granted with membership.

2. The approved high schools should compose selection plan which states its selection procedure, rules and candidates according to the requirements of Zhejiang University.

3. High schools must obey the principle of honesty, and perform their duties when recommending qualified candidates to Zhejiang University in the name of their principals.One can not recommend candidates if there is no qualified students.

4. Approved high school will be unqualified once any dishonest behavior is found.

5. High schools which were granted with valid membership are not required to apply again.  

IV. Procedure of Recommending Students and Enrollment

1. High schools with membership should select and recommend students according to the selection plan. High schools organize candidates to apply on the Online Application System, and submit the final name list of candidates to Zhejiang University by Dec. 31st, 2020.

2. The review of applicants documents will be held before Jan. 31st, 2021. Zhejiang University may ask the applicants to take a telephone/video interview if necessary.The enrollment will be conducted according to candidates documents and performance.

V. Rights of Youth Talent Program Students

1. Students will be granted with the opportunity to win Freshman Scholarship of Zhejiang University if one is enrolled into Chinese-taught program.

2. Students will have the priority to book dorm after they pay the tuition fee for the first academic year .

VI. Contact

     Ms. SUN, Lin         Tel: 0571-87951456

     Mr. CAI, Zusen      Tel: 0571-87951718


Note: The right for final interpretation of the above mentioned implementation plan is reserved by International College, Zhejiang University.


International College

Zhejiang University

December 18th, 2020