Important Notice

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Recently the International College has received reports from the applicants saying that they had received emails from people who claimed themselves as the staff members of the International College and claimed that they can help the applicants get enrolled to Zhejiang University after the applicants pay money to them, which is an act of pure fraud.

The International College would clearly and strongly remind all the applicants that :

1.     During the process of your application, all the necessary documents and fees (if required), all the bank account information have been clearly listed in the Admission Bulletin on the web site of the International College, Zhejiang University

2.     Faculty and staff members of the International College, Zhejiang University would NEVER be in any name or for any reason to ask you to pay any fee to any bank account other than the one listed in the colleges web site.

We sincerely hope all the applicants would be on high alert against any possible form of fraud, and beware of being deceived. 


International College

Zhejiang University