Notice on On-Line Accommodation Reservation for Zijingang International Students 2018

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  1. A.                 Reservation Eligibility

  2. 1.        According to the university arrangement, only new international students who gain admission to Zijingang Campus could get  access to on-line accommodation reservation for this time.

  3. 2.        Students who gain admission to other campus, please go to the reception desk of the dormitory building on that campus and check in directly when the new semester begins.

  4. B.                 Period of Reservation

9:00 am, August 27th  to 16:30 pm, September 5th (Beijing Time, GMT+8)

  1. C.                 Login Instructions

  2. 1.        Website:

  3. 2.        User name: Application No. (on the Admission Notice); if you do NOT have Application No., please visit the above website and query your username with your passport number.

  4. 3.        Password: The last six digits or letters of your passport number (e.g. if your passport number is A123456K, and then your password is 23456K). If you do NOT have passport, then your password is 111111.

  5. D.                 Payment Instructions

  6. 1.        You are required to pay the full amount of the accommodation fee. The reservation shall NOT be valid unless the fee is paid fully and successfully.

  7. 2.        Only online payment is supported. You are required to bear AliPay account or bank card with logo such like UnionPay , Visa, Master or JCB. You should also ensure the function of online payment of your bank card works and your card has sufficient balance.

  8. 3.        Some extra commission fee will be charged by the bank if you pay by the international credit card (VisaMaster or JCB). No extra commission fee will be charged by UnionPay card.

  9. 4.        The online payment should be completed within 24 hours after confirming the reservation, or the system will cancel your reservation automatically.

  10. 5.        You are recommended to use Internet Explorer to make reservation and pay the accommodation fee. You could refresh the webpage or change other web explorer in case of webpage errors.

  11. 6.        After finishing the payment, please wait patiently until the success webpage pops up. You should click My Account to confirm the completed order with a successful payment.

  12. E.                  Other Important Information

  13. 1.        You should be responsible for the housing by yourself if you arrive earlier than the reserved check-in date (September 8th).

  14. 2.        You will be arranged into a similar room by FESSC in case of the room you reserved with some special situations.

  15. 3.        The student with successful reservation is not allowed to change to another room except for some special cases.

  16. 4.        You could look up more information about on-campus accommodation in the help document on the reservation webpage. The participation of the reservation indicates you are fully aware of and accept all accommodation regulations and policies of ZJU and you are required to sign a housing contract with ZJU prior to the payment.

  17. 5.        If you have any question about accommodation reservation , please contact, 0571-87951816 (consulting hours :9:30am~11:00am, 13:30pm~16:00pm)


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