Admission Bulletin 2020 Summer Language School (Online)


    Course Introduction

    1. Time:

    First period: July 6-July 31, 4-week courses, 8-11.30a.m. from Monday to Friday

    Second period: August 3-August 28, 4-week courses, 8-11.30a.m. from Monday to Friday

    Students can renew their courses after the first period of learning, and theres no limit on how many weeks to extend. For example, students who finish the first period of study can renew courses for another two weeks in the second period.

    2. Online Teaching Platform:

    Ding Talk

    3. Curriculum:

    Intensive Reading (12 courses)

    Oral Speaking (4 courses)

    Writing (4 courses)

    4. Placement Test:

    First period: 8-11a.m. on July 1

    Second period: 8-11a.m. on July 29

    The test results, class arrangements and class schedule will be annouced on Ding Talk.


    1. Application fee: 400RMB (non-refundable)

    2. Tuition fee: 3,200RMB/period (800RMB/week)

    3. ZJU students have 20% discount on tuition. (Student card shall be uploaded to the application system.) 

    Application Requirement

    Applicants shall be over 16 years old, in good health condition, and able to use the online learning platform proficiently.

    Application Steps

    1. Log in the online application system and activate your account.

    2. Choose Short-term Program and then Summer Language School, fill in the application form and upload your passport. Please send clear scanned copies of all  documents (signed application form and passport copy at least) to as attachment. Kindly indicate summer language school application in the subject line of your email.

    3. Pay application fee online (400RMB).

    *Please submit your application before the application deadline as shown below. Applicants who fail to complete online application or submit required documents will not be admitted. Application fee is non-refundable whether the applicant is admitted or not.

    4. Download Ding Talk, and scan the QR code below to join the 2020 summer language school study group

    Application Duration

    First period: from now to June 25

    Second period: from now to July 10


    1. Applicants should finish all the application steps including paying application fee and joining the study group in Ding Talk before the application deadline.

    2. Class will not be open if the number of students is less than 8 and tuition fee will be refunded in full (Application fee is non-refundable).

    3. Students who finish the course and pass the final test will acquire a certificate from the International College, ZJU.

    4. Visa and accommodation related matters are not involved in this program. Therefore, relevant service or document is not provided.


    Name: Ms. HUA Yue

    Tel: +86 571 87071260