Application Guide for Chinese Government Scholarship – Chinese University Program

Zhejiang University 2024 (Application Deadline Updated)


Chinese Government Scholarship –Chinese University Program is established by the Ministry of Education of China (hereinafter referred to as MOE), aiming to develop outstanding international talent and improve the perception of China’s higher education. Under the mandate of the MOE, Zhejiang University is opening application for full-time postgraduate studies under the 2024 Chinese Government Scholarship –Chinese University Program..


I. Basic Information and Duration of the Scholarship

1. Coverage (full scholarship):

- Tuition waiver;

- Free accommodation on campus;

- Stipend: Granted in accordance with the relevant standard;

-Comprehensive Medical Insurance (Please refer to the relevant chapters in the application guide for details);

Note: For more detailed information, please view the web page of Introduction to Chinese Government Scholarships at CSC websiteLink.

In case a partial scholarship is offered, the scholarship coverage should be subject to the relevant regulations of CSC.

2. Categories of Applicants and Duration of the Scholarship

Doctoral Degree Students: 3-4 academic years

Master's Degree Students: 2-3 academic years

3. The agency number for Zhejiang University is 10335. Scholarship for Chinese University Program is Type B in the CSC system.


II. When and How to Apply

Application deadline: January 15, 2024

Applicants must log in to the Online Application System For International Students of Zhejiang University (Link), clearly fill in and completely upload the application materials as required.


III. Application Fee

Application fee: RMB 800 yuan (non-refundable)

Application fee should be paid in the online application system of Zhejiang University before deadline. One who fails to pay application fee, his or her application will not be processed.

IV. Eligibility

Scholarship applicants must meet the qualifications for postgraduate admissions of Zhejiang University. Please refer to the application guide for details.

* Applicants with the degree obtained from Top 500 World Universities according to the Shanghai Ranking ( or Zhejiang University’s overseas partner universities are welcomed to apply.


V. Application Materials

In addition to the application documents for admissions,(please refer to the following application guide for more information: Master's Degree ProgramsDoctoral Degree Programs) scholarship applicants must submit the following supplementary materials.

1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship, filled in Chinese or in English, pasted with a recent photograph (white background, 35mm×45mm in size).

Applicants shall fill in and submit application form via the CSC Online Application System for Study in China (Link), then print application form and sign.

Agency No. of Zhejiang University is 10335. Scholarship for Chinese University Program is Type B in the CSC system.

2. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Click the filename to download). The original copy should be kept by the applicant. This form is uniformly printed by the Chinese health and quarantine department and needs to be filled out in English.

The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. In view of the fact that the examination results are valid for 6 months, applicants are requested to reasonably arrange the time for their physical examination accordingly.

3. Non-Criminal Record Certificate,valid for 6 months.


1. The above materials must be submitted by the applicant in the application system of Zhejiang University together with other application materials before January 15,2024.

2.Those with incomplete application materials or those who do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.

3.Please do NOT post hard copies of the application materials or send them by e-mail. The paper application materials and the application materials sent by e-mail will not be reviewed and processed.

4.Supplementary materials or video interview may be required when necessary.

5.If applicants re-fill or modify the application information at CSC Online Application System after they submit application materials, they need to send the updated Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship to the admission email of Zhejiang University; otherwise the university may not be able to process the application via CSC Online Application System for Study in China.

VI. Review of Scholarship Application & Notification of Results

1. The scholarship enrollment will be made on the basis of competitive selection according to the applicants’ research ability, academic performance, language proficiency, performance during video interview, etc.

2. The name list of the scholarship awardees for postgraduate programs will be sent to China Scholarship Council for review within the specified time period according to CSC’s provisions.

3. After the name list is reviewed and approved by China Scholarship Council, the scholarship awardees will be notified by the university in the end of July or the beginning of August, 2024. The admission documents will be sent to the scholarship awardees afterwards.


VII. Notes

1. Scholarship students' affairs are managed according to the relevant regulations of Chinese Government Scholarship. Scholarship students must go through the Annual Review of the Chinese Government Scholarship Status. If students fail in Annual Review, their scholarship will be terminated.

2. Scholarship students are not allowed to change their institutions as well as their academic programs or the duration of study specified in the Admission Notice.

3. For scholarship students who have to suspend their studies due to illness must return to their home country for further treatment and recovery, expenses for the international travel to and from the university will be borne by the students themselves, and their scholarship status will be reserved for one year at most, with the monthly living allowance stopped during the suspension. Scholarships of the students who suspend their studies for reasons other than illness will not be reserved.

4.The International College of Zhejiang University is responsible for the interpretation of the scholarship granting procedures and regulations.

5. For other requirements and contents of Chinese Government Scholarship, please visit the website of China Scholarship Council (Link).

VIII. Contact Information


Room 418, International College Building, West Zone, Zi-jin-gang Campus, Zhejiang University, HangzhouChina

Post Code: 310058

Tel:   +86 571 87951537(Master’s Degree Programs)

          +86 571 87951718 (Doctoral Degree Programs)

Fax:  +86 571 87951755

Email: (Master’s Degree Programs) (Doctoral Degree Programs)


Note: Should there be any change in the above content, the final interpretation from the International College of Zhejiang University shall prevail. Please pay attention to the update of the website of the International College in time.