Lead Scholarship for New MBBS Students

International School of Medicine, Zhejiang University (ZJU-ISM) 

In  recognition of students who demonstrate exceptional academic merit and  wish to undertake the MBBS program in ZJU-ISM, the Lead Scholarship of  RMB 20,000 each is available to approximately 5% of the total number of  new MBBS students to support their continued outstanding achievements in  future study.


To be eligible for the Lead Scholarship, candidates must:

1.be officially admitted to the MBBS program in ZJU-ISM and have prepaid tuition.

2.not be concurrent beneficiaries of Chinese Government Scholarship or other scholarships.

II.Selection and Awarding

1.Students do not need to apply for the scholarship.

2.The  awarding of the scholarship will be decided unanimously by the  admission committee, based on high school academic performance,  standardized tests results, English proficiency, online interview  performances, etc.

3.Candidates will be notified of the results via email.

4.The  scholarship will be awarded to the students within a month after they  have registered on time, together with a certificate of award, which  will be recorded in the students’ file.

III.Additional Information

1.The scholarship will be disqualified if candidates:

 •have inaccurate or untrue information in the application materials.

 •are unable to register due to health or other personal reasons.

 •have not paid tuition on time.

 •are  unable to continue their studies due to personal reasons within a month  after registration, and who apply for suspension or withdrawal.

2.Contact information

Email: zjuism@zju.edu.cn

Website: https://ism.zju.edu.cn/en (website in progress)

3.Should  there be any change in the above contents, the final interpretation  from the International School of Medicine, Zhejiang University shall  prevail.