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HSK Test Center in Zhejiang  University

The HSK test  center (elementary-intermediate) of Zhejiang University is the only test center  in Zhejiang Province set by the Sate Commission of Chinese Proficiency Test,  annually holding three tests (elementary-intermediate) in April, June and  November. The International College is in charge of organizing the  tests.

About 30 tests  have been successfully held since the first trial test was held in 1993 and the  test center (elementary-intermediate) was officially set up in 1997, with more  than 5,600 person-time attending the test. The test center facilitates the  language proficiency evaluation for international students and other non-native  speakers in and around Zhejiang Province and contributes greatly to the  international promotion of the Chinese language. The test center now has more  than 50 proctors and test administrators and 15 test rooms with a seating  capacity of 800 or so. The year of 2006 saw a record-breaking number of test  takers of 1678 people.

The HSK test  center (elementary-intermediate) is one of the first 33 test centers across the  nation to adopt on-line test application which begins from 2007.

At present, the  HSK test center of the university is actively applying for holding HSK Advanced  test.


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