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Congratulations! An Indian student won the second prize in the third essay competition for international students in China
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        The third essay competition for international students in China has been successfully ended. The awarding ceremony was hosted by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange and was held in Beijing on the 20th of December. Zhejiang University won the "excellent organization award". Anmol Suresh Kalra, an Indian student of our university was honored the second prize.

        Chinese Service Center launched the third "My Beautiful Encounter with China" essay competition in May, aiming to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and to enhance communications. Participants from more than 80 universities and overseas institutes sent over 670 essays to compete. The selected essays are compiled into a book commemorating the contest, My Beautiful Encounter with China.


Here are excerpts from the article:

        Speaking the beauty of China, the first kind is its external beauty. In recent decades, China has undergone enormous changes and has become a fascinating modern country with continuous development. Thanks to the reform and the joint efforts of people, China now has many highly-modernized cities, excellent transport infrastructures, good social order and the beautiful, symmetric environment. Although they say��There is no scenery in a familiar place��, I am still mesmerized by the beauty of the eye-pleasing scenery in Guazhu lake in Shaoxing, the picturesque West Lake in Hangzhou and the overwhelming cherry blossoms of our university. Then there is also the world-famous high-speed railway, both comfortable and safe, at which the world marvels and whose technology the world wants to learn. Owing to the high-speed railway, I can return to my ��hometown�� (Shaoxing) within 19 minutes and spend some quality time with my family.